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Richard McIntosh Jr

I’ve played two sports throughout my entire life.  As a varsity participant, I excelled in both basketball and football.  In an effort to develop my body and mind for college, I basically, maintained a strict routine that encompassed most of my free time.  My favorite quote is simply: “Never give up!”  

I am a football player but I look up to Kobe Bryant because of his impeccable work ethic.  Kobe Bryant never quits and that makes his talent so unbelievable.  So, I pray one day I can develop the mentality of Kobe Bryant.  My dream is becoming a player in the National Football League.  My mom, 
dad and family have been very supportive of my endeavors and I am eager to make such an impact that would create an atmosphere of pride within the McIntosh household. 

I am Richard McIntosh Jr. I will attend The University of Miami on a Football scholarship.