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Every day is a new day; let us adopt a perspective that brings forth a positive being.

- Kim Patrick

Kim Patrick - Founder and Director

Mission & Vision

Dedicated to providing events and activity that provide exposure, inspiration and encouragement to students of various backgrounds. We Devote our time and energy to helping school age children find a positive path to a successful future. 

our leadership team

Our founder


                              2019 - 2020

Women of Tomorrow - Seminar 4 Teen Girls - November

Boys 2 Men - Seminar 4 Teen Boys - January (DST EMBODI)

Let's Get Fit - Free Athletic Training - Boys/Girls 7-12 - TBD

ALL-IN-ONE Honor Ceremony - May 20, 2020

Yna M. Bowen
Vice President

Paul Solomon

Community Advisor

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WE MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL AND MOVING ON TO COLLEGE/TRADE SCHOOL. KP4Kidz honored 15 of our 2019 graduates with an ALL-IN-ONE Honor Ceremony, Trunk Party and Graduation Bash. 

​Financial Aid Workshop - Aug. 2019

KP4Kidz Foundation Inc

Making a Difference by Keeping Promises!